Stoner Score: 3 out of 5 pot leaves!

Step 1:
Filter it
how to roll a spliff. Spliffs are European joints that contain both tobacco and marijuana. Many tokers use a piece of paper or cardboard as a filter in order to produce a smoother and richer toke.
Step 2:
Add it
learning to roll a spliff. First, add the filter and the tobacco to your paper. Then, add high-grade marijuana to taste.
Step 3:
Roll it
how do you roll a spliff? Next, roll your joint freestyle or by any other technique you prefer.  Lick the seam closed and check for any holes in the paper.
Step 4:
Twist it
what is s spliff? Twist the unfiltered end of your spliff.
Step 5:
Spark it
roll up a spliff. When you are ready to smoke, burn off the twisted tip to avoid inhaling unwanted paper smoke.
Step 6:
Smoke it
smoking a spliff. Put the spliff to your lips and toke to your heart’s content!


BUD SAYS: Spliffs are a great choice for smokers who partake in both marijuana and tobacco on a regular basis. If you do not smoke tobacco, this may not be the right choice for you.



Spliffs are European joints that contain both tobacco and marijuana. This can be a very satisfying way to smoke your weed, but only if you are already a tobacco user. Because you are mixing the two plants, you consume less marijuana during each session than you would with a 100% marijuana joint. For people in cities like Amsterdam this works out perfectly. They are likely to smoke weed more frequently then those of us in the United States and therefore often prefer to spread out their stash by smoking spliffs throughout the day. Spliffs provide a more consistent (but lower-level) high, while allowing tokers to also meet their current tobacco requirements. However, if you do not already smoke cigarettes, it is highly recommend you stick to the occasional 100% marijuana joint and stay away from spliffs, as you will most assuredly become addicted to nicotine.