Stoner Score: 4 out of 5 pot leaves!

Step 1:
how to roll a blunt Materials needed: Cigar, weed, knife or scissors, grinder, and lighter.
Step 2:
Bust it
learning to roll a blunt Lick your blunt until it is moist. Take a blade and cut a line lengthwise from butt to tip. Use your thumb to slide the “guts” (insides) out. Don’t try to push them all out at once or you could tear the blunt wrap.
Step 3:
Tear it
why roll blunts? Optional: Tear or cut off the rounded end of the blunt to decrease the likelyhood of prematurely rolling the blunt shut. To lessen the amount of nicotine, seperate and use only the innermost layer of the blunt wrap.
Step 4:
Lick it
how do you roll a blunt? Now that you’ve got a nice rectangular blunt wrap, lick the edges to seal up any small tears. Then, take the wrap and fold it in the center like you would when rolling a joint.
Step 5:
Add it
smoking blunts Spread the weed evenly down the length of the blunt. (If you don’t use enough weed to support the size of the wrap it will collapse in on itself while you’re trying to smoke.)
Step 6:
Fold it
folding blunts Shape the blunt by carefully folding and rolling upward. Tuck the shorter side of the wrap around the weed, then continue rolling. Be careful not to pinch the ends shut or you will negatively affect the final product.
Step 7:
Seal it
Lick the remaining paper lengthwise and press down carefully. (Blunt type is very important since some blunts are more “sticky” than others.)
Step 8:
Bake it
lighting a blunt While spinning the blunt, run the flame of your lighter up and down its length in order to “bake” it. The perfect bake will darken the color slightly and dry the wrap without setting fire to the blunt.
Step 9:
Spark it
getting high from blunts. Hold the flame to the blunt’s tip. Spin the blunt around to evenly distribute the heat and minimize the possibility of developing a run. (Runs can be remedied by smearing saliva on the longer side of the cherry.)



When it comes to weed, I’m very versatile. I do it all – bongs, joints, glass, fruit pipes – but when it comes down to it, my favorite way to smoke is in blunt form. I appreciate the flavor that the right cigar can add to the smoke, as well as the ability to get really high a lot faster. Blunts can sometimes turn not-so-good weed into a worthwhile smoke, and you’ll greatly appreciate the reduction of paraphernalia with blunt smoking as compared to pipes and paper. (This makes blunt rolling optimal for long car rides.) The blunt smoker demographic has been displayed in the media as rappers who roll on black leaf cigars, but after this tutorial you’ll find that you don’t NEED to be a rich thug to enjoy this smoking experience.



The type of weed you use will affect the way your blunt will roll. The best weed to use is dry bud that’s been through a grinder. Make sure you don’t grind it too fine, because rolling with shake leaves tons of little weed flecks in your mouth. Moist or leafy bud will make the blunt squishy, causing it to be harder to roll. If you plan to ride and smoke, pre-grind your weed. Generally, a blunt will use about twice the amount of weed as an “average sized” joint, so breaking it up by hand in a moving vehicle can take a while. Weed amount will vary according to how fucked up you’re looking to get.



This is probably the most important aspect of blunt rolling. Everyone has rolled up some spectacular herb in a shitty blunt before and had to struggle through smoking it. The type of cigar can make or break a blunt smoking experience, so always choose wisely.

Swisher Sweets are strongly flavored and harsh on the throat. I know people who swear up and down by them, but I hate them. Only roll with these if you can handle strong tobacco or if you smoke cigarettes.

White Owls also have a strong flavor, but not as bad as Swishers. I prefer this one of the two, specifically the White Owl flavored blends. Mocho Mint is my favorite.

Optimos are an ideal blunt if you can find one that isn’t dry as hell. Personally, about 9 out of every 10 Optimos I buy are dry when I get them. Since they have a leaf wrapper, dryness can render them useless due to the fact that the leaf will crumble right in your hands. All hope is not lost; wet a dry blunt very well, and after you dump out the guts (explained later) CAREFULLY wet the inside and then start flattening it out. Hopefully you can salvage the blunt. There are other green and brown leaf cigars out there (Garcia y Vega, Dutchmasters) that are a little better to work with. Other than that, Optimos live up to the advertisement of being very mild (if you’re smoking some strong weed, you probably won’t even taste the cigar), and they burn forever. Great for a long car ride.

Phillies are my favorites, especially Chocolate Phillies. They burn slow as hell and take a long time to dry out, so you can buy a double box and have it last all week. Their flavor is milder than a White Owl but not as mild as an Optimo. Perfect balance, in my opinion.

No matter what brand you choose, always look for two things: freshness and moisture. Avoid buying any cigars that have dust accumulated on them (most cigar boxes don’t have “born on” dates, so most of the time you’re left to guess). Also, squish the blunt a bit to make sure it’s not dried out.

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