Below, please find a bunch of marijuana video games that you can download and save to your computer or run as an app on your smart phone. Some are fun, some are lame, and some are pretty trippy. Enjoy!

Bong-o-Matic  marijuana video game

Get your hippy high!

File Size: 401 KB

Chronic 2K  play marijuana video games

Buy, sell and trade virtual drugs!

File Size: 494 KB

Ganja Farmer  weed games

Save your plants!

File Size: 1.04 MB

High Grow  pot games

Grow virtual weed!

File Size: 1.03 MB

Crop Command  stoner video games

Marijuana Missile Command!

File Size: 68.8 KB

Honey Bear  cannabis video games

Test your pot knowledge!

File Size: 1.08 MB

Incriminati  marijuana games

Hurry, hide your stash!

File Size: 258 KB

Los Marijuanos  video games about marijuana

Marijuana Pac-Man!

File Size: 971 KB

Stash Invaders  funny stoner video games

Marijuana Space Invaders!

File Size: 818 KB

THC Calculator  free marijuana video games

Will you pass your test?

File Size: 29.6 KB

Virtual Drugs  download free marijuana video games

9 virtual acid trips!

File Size: 333 KB

Weed Party  free weed video games

Get George Bush High!

File Size: 6,061 KB


BUD SAYS: If you have suggestions for more/cool free marijuana video games, please hit me up. I’m always looking to expand the collection!