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Marijuana tourism is going to be HUGE in 2014. Pack your bowls... I mean your bags.

2014 marks a great year for marijuana users, patients, growers, distributors, and promoters. Looking back on the past 12 years (when 1st went live) we are feeling extremely proud to have played our role in increasing awareness around cannabis in terms of smoking, cooking, general style, and culture. We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters (YOU) for making Smoking With Style the best user-friendly marijuana information portal on the web!



With cannabis tourism becoming such a huge deal in Colorado and around the United States in general, we see a great need for a cohesive information portal which contains all things marijuana as they relate to traveling. Therefore, we have decided to tackle this giant and make it hugely successful for all parties involved: We call this undertaking Marijuana Traveler™.



MJ Traveler™ is the place where marijuana users go for the best and most practical information regarding marijuana tourism. Unlike other sites that simply tell their visitors where to procure their stash, MJ Traveler™ will guide them toward the best locations to partake of the herb as well as those places they must visit once sufficiently inebriated. In other words, “You’re high, now what?”

Starting with Colorado and branching out as other states follow the trend, MJ Traveler™ will do all of the research and heavy lifting for its upscale clientele. Through surveys and personal experience, we know that many cannabis users lack the necessary information needed to put together the ultimate cannabis experience. While they may arrive to their destination safely and quickly find marijuana to purchase, they desire guidance in planning their daily excursions and sight-seeing once that primary task has been accomplished. Through the combination of our high-traffic volume, a targeted and captive audience, unique multi-faceted marketing and local expertise, our cannabis clientele will be able to achieve the level of knowledge, fun, and effect they desire. From a simple web search to booking a multi-day tour, our clients are just a click away from everything they need to know.



Marijuana Traveler™ has a multi-faceted marketing strategy which has been refined over the past 12 years via to provide proven results for our business partners.

Powered by, our web listings are crawling with 3K-5K daily marijuana-friendly visitors. (This figure is much higher as we approach 4/20 each year.)

We offer web ads that show on EVERY page of the website 24 hours/day and 365 days/year.

Smoking With Style has a direct email list of over 3,000 fans (and growing daily).

Smoking With Style is heavily followed and promoted on Twitter and Facebook.

Our MJ Traveler™ “Friendly Business” sticker and icon set the standard in storefront MJ marketing. It is a one-of-a-kind MJ promotion which allows companies to show their prospective clientele that they are part of the MJ tourism movement discreetly and with style.

Our local street team always has its eyes and ears on the local scene to determine the next big opportunity.

Marijuana Traveler™ attends and networks at local conventions and events in a concentrated and dedicated effort to grow the usefulness of its brand and services.



Now that we have your attention, here is how you can get involved!

Want to be on the writing staff of Marijuana Traveler? While there is no pay at the current time, your articles have the chance to be seen by 10s of thousands of our viewers monthly and you can include a link directly from the blog to your site and/or page!

Know a cool spot, business, or tour that is missing from our growing lists? Let us know and we’ll add them for you! Have a question about where to go and what to do on your cannabis vacation? We’ve got the answers.

Want to get seen by over 1M people each year? Contact us to reserve your top spot on Marijuana Traveler before the price doubles (or quadruples) over the next few months.


BUD SAYS: We value your opinion. Please let us know how we’re doing!


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