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Guest post by: Jack @ Cannabis Seeds


Should cannabis be legalised in the UK?

The topic of cannabis legalisation is one unopened can of worms which has many politicians and lawmakers across the UK squirming in their seats: After all, following the successful implementation of reforms across the USA and Uruguay, a steadily increasing number of individuals within the general populace would agree that the benefits most definitely appear to outweigh the disadvantages.

A recent infographic posted on our Sensi Seeds based website really made us stop and think about the potentially huge impact which legalisation of the herb could make on British society…



70% of the UK’s land area is currently devoted to agriculture – but despite the highly developed nature of this island’s farming resources, farming is, sadly, an industry in decline…

- Less than 60% of the UK’s food supply actually originates from British soil.

- The amount of people employed in the agricultural sector has fallen by over 30% since the mid-nineties.

- Low potential for turning a profit and high entry costs make farming an undesirable undertaking for many.

In such a climate, some innovative farmers are turning to alternative crops to diversify and improve the sustainability of their enterprise: Cannabis, it is hoped by many, could prove to be just the crop to revitalise a dwindling sector, create new jobs and generate billions for the UK economy: And this isn’t just a bunch of smoke-blowing either…



- In a few short months following the legalisation of marijuana in Colorado, crime has fallen significantly across a number of key categories.

- Marijuana sales in Colorado are projected to reach $1 billion in the first year of legalisation alone.

- From plant biologists to phytochemists, store managers to sales representatives, a huge number of job openings have now been made available in Colorado.

This is only scratching the surface: If the UK can join the ranks of more liberal locales across the globe and make a positive change toward legalising cannabis, the benefits are expected to be profoundly felt by all, thanks to a number of far-reaching benefits:

- Tax revenue in the UK from licencing cannabis could raise anywhere between £400 million and a staggering £900 million.

- With legalised cannabis, the UK could save up to £300 million on policing and criminal justice costs.

- Cannabis legalisation has the potential to reduce the UK government deficit by up to £1.25 billion: This would give the fastest growing G7 economy (as of 2014) an even greater boost which can only be a benefit for future generations, going forward.



The stats collated in our infographic show us that:

- Over half of the British public support the legalisation of cannabis production

- 70% of Conservative and 69% of Labour supporters would be in favour of a review of all cannabis policy options.

- Currently, around 2 million people regularly smoke cannabis in the UK.

These details paint the picture of a society which is ready to ask some challenging questions about where it stands with regards to cannabis legalisation: One thing is for certain – The UK government will be under increased pressure to make reforms as more and more information mounts up and other, more liberal nations begin to set the pace on the journey toward a greener, more bountiful future.


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Guest post by: C. H. Ronic

This past weekend I decided to try DMT for the first time. Because these types of hyperspace experiences are difficult to describe, I will break down my personal experience into categories:



Before my breakthrough DMT experience, I tried smaller doses twice as was recommended on so many other DMT posts. During the very first experience, I took only one medium hit and sat back on a couch. Instantly my body felt heavy (with a strong tingling sensation) and my vision turned from sharp edges to wavy lines. This type of body feeling can sometimes be associated with mushrooms, but in this case it came on almost instantly and increased rapidly until I was sure I was going to breakthrough. Since it was not my intention to breakthrough, and because I was alone, I began to think, “Oh no, I’m going too far.” And then I would counteract that thought by thinking, “Well, it’s too late to turn back now.” Then, after going back and forth between those two thoughts for 10 seconds or so I decided that I would try NOT to breakthrough by keeping my eyes open, but that I would accept whatever happened. So, I kept my eyes open and watched the interior of my house wave back and forth. The waves and the tingling subsided gently until everything reverted to normal.

During my second DMT experience weeks later, I was much more prepared and decided to try a medium dose before going for the gusto. This time, I had a “babysitter” (friend) nearby to take the pipe from me and to check on my every minute or so. During this second experience I went a little deeper than the first and was fairly certain that I would not breakthrough. Although the visions and feelings were more intense, I was in a safe place and was open to whatever the DMT experience could bring. This time, when I closed my eyes, I was able to see the chrysanthemum pattern that is talked about and depicted so often in artist renderings. [Approximate imagery below curtesy of]. There was no doubt about what I was seeing and I explained it afterwards as a 3-D hallucination. The colorful and rotating pattern started above me, but had “arms” that were reaching down for me. Rather than a pattern superimposed upon reality, it was moving as if from its own energy source… its own reality. As I came down from this second, more intense experience, I was unsure if I would attempt to breakthrough to hyperspace or not. So, having heard that you should wait an hour between sessions, I noted the time and spent the next hour trying to act as normal as possible, while I mentally debated what my next step would be.



About an hour and 10 minutes after my second experience, I decided that it was time to go all in. I called over my friend to help me (should I need assistance with the third hit) and I sat down on the couch. After the first inhalation, I could feel the familiar effects taking hold of me. Upon the second hit, I was already losing myself to the heavy body feelings and colorful patterns. Just before the third hit, I looked up at my buddy as if to say “Here we go!” and put the pipe to my lips. He encouraged me by saying, “You got this Dude.” Then I handed him the pipe and lighter, rested my head back and began the launch sequence.

Right away, I saw the chrysanthemum pattern again. This time, instead of arms reaching for me, the entire pattern moved from above me, to right in front of me and then enveloped me completely. I cannot recall the specifics of the pattern, but I seem to me to have been a pattern within a patter within yet another pattern. The above image is not mine, but it was the closest I could find. Here are things that I CAN recall.

Alien voices – I could hear strange voices talking around me, probably about me, possibly to me, but I was undoubtedly too wrapped up in my visions to see them… or they didn’t want to be seen.

Echoes – Every minute or so, my buddy would come to check on me. As he did, I could hear his approaching footsteps loudly, harshly and with an Echo effect. For every one footstep he made, I could hear a trailing echo of 5-8 footsteps in rapid succession.

Reality – For most of the DMT experience, I was aware of both the “real” world and the DMT world. The first time my buddy approached, I heard him and did not respond physically. The second time, I smiled in appreciation. (When I smiled in reality the DMT trip also got much more pleasant, so I kept the simle for the remainder of the trip.) The third time my buddy approached, I was already on my way down and I managed a little hand wave. Also, throughout the DMT trip I could hear my buddy and the owner of the house whisper to each other and I could hear the dog whining and barking outside. For the most part, the voices my ears heard (my friends) and the voices my head heard (the aliens) were totally distinct from one another… although I did question myself a couple times.

Cards – During one part of the DMT experience, I felt like I was in a deck of cards being shuffled. It was sort of exhilarating and not altogether unpleasant. Sort of like a roller coaster.

Talking to Myself – Unlink other substances which alter your personality, DMT seems to leave your regular thought pattern untouched. During the peak of my experience, I remember what Terrence McKenna had said about not being awed by the visuals and I repeated this to myself as sort of a mantra to try and get the most out of the experience. My brain seemed to be functioning normally, it’s just that everything I was experiencing was out of the ordinary. I could react in “normal” ways to the sights and sounds, but I didn’t know how to act toward what I was experiencing. Instead, I tried my best just to remain a witness to the experience.

Heart Arrhythmia – Throughout most of the experience, the only negative aspect was what felt like an irregular heartbeat. I cannot be certain that the beating of my heart was doing anything out of the ordinary, but it sure felt like it was. The only reference I have was from a time I used to take creatine phosphate for body building. Whenever I was on that supplement, I would notice my heart “skip” a beat every so often. If a regular heartbeat is thought to go, “Ba boom, Ba boom,” then my irregular beat would go, “Ba boom, Ba…………. BOOM.” I had even gone so far as to see a doctor about this back then and have my heart monitored for 48 hours or so: The results showed nothing out of the ordinary. However I could stop and start the creatine-induced arrhythmia by stopping and starting the supplement, so I determined the cause through self-experimentation. OK, so what out DMT? During my DMT experience, I started noticing that same Arrhythmia and it was pulling me from enjoying my otherwise awesome experience. In fact, it was the ONLY negative. (Not true, the dog barking and whining was pretty annoying too.) On DMT, as compared with creatine, I felt my heart do this irregular beat four or five times and then about eight times in rapid succession. (Ba…………. BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… BOOM). I can only hope that I was imagining the entire sensation and that the beats I heard were due to the same echo as heard in my friend’s footsteps.



As I began to come down from the experience, I first noticed that I had a body again. Before that point, it was more like a vivid dream. My spirit was 100% intact, but I wasn’t aware that I had a body so to speak. I guess you could say, quite frankly, that DMT causes an out of body experience of sorts. As far as I know, I didn’t move a muscle until I began to come down. At that point, I felt a little tension in my knees and straightened them out. I felt that the presence on the other side was saying “good bye” to me and it was a gentle and easy merge back into my better-known reality.



While it’s hard to say exactly what I saw, my DMT experience was filled with strange and brightly colored fractals in constant motion. To the best of my knowledge, I would have to guess that this is the pattern from which our reality is shaped. We see, hear, taste, touch and smell portions of this underlying pattern, but are usually unaware that there is anything deeper. However, I had sort of set my mind on this conclusion before smoking DMT, so I’m a little biased. Would I do it again? I would say FOR SURE except for that heart issue I mentioned above. Taking everything into account, I’ll have to say, more than likely.



I’ve read many instances of people having a difficult time with smoking enough to breakthrough, but I had no such experience. Each time I tried to reach a certain level, I would measure out the DMT, smoke it and… poof! However, after my breakthrough, my friend was persuaded to try just a little. He tried it three different times within 10 minutes and barely felt anything at all. Our assumption is that because he is a heavy marijuana smoker who does not have healthiest diet, the experience at that level was almost completely lost on him. On the other side of that coin, I practice a lifestyle which presently restricts the use of alcohol, caffeine, fast food, prescription meds, et cetera and includes daily yoga and meditation. This would make some sense as I know that those who use ritualistic ayahuasca are asked to adhere to a strict diet which is very similar to what I just mentioned. Because of this, I recommend a healthy and spiritual lifestyle to all… whether or not you do DMT is up to you.  :)


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Guest post by Emily Syane

effects of marijuana on spirituality


Spirituality, consciousness, and reality are topics that many smokers like to explore. Many smokers know that cannabis works depending on your intention. You need to make a decision before you start smoking on what you want the effect to be. For example, if you want to ease your pain or relax and de-stress, then that’s what cannabis will do for you. If you take it before you eat so you will have a better appetite, then that’s what it will do. Quality of the bud, the amount you take, and many other factors come into play as well, but of course intention is still a major factor. Now, when you want to use it for spirituality and meditation you can help use it to help you as well.

You can use cannabis to help with your meditation and relaxation exercise, but this herb can also help with what people call the energy body and help you expand your consciousness. For hundreds and thousands of years, this plant has been known as the sacred herb, precisely because of its use in religion and spirituality. According to Vedic Literature (which dates back to 7000 years ago) chakras are the energy portals of the body. This is both for the physical and energy body or the spirit. There are 7 chakras in the body, running down along your spine, from the top of your head all the way to the base, going through the throat, heart, and stomach. It is said that when you smoke cannabis that you open up this chakras, allowing energy (or chi) to come in and help us become more open psychologically as well. It allows you to connect with other people better, as well as God and nature. However, again, you have to consciously make this decision. When you take a puff, focus on the feelings in your heart. Look back to the times when you have come in contact with others and how your moods affect each other.  So, as you continue to puff, imagine your chakras opening up and your feelings expanding. Start from the top of your head to the base of your spine, imagining them getting bigger one my one. Start small, imagine your chakra opening up inch my inch, bigger and bigger until you touch other people’s chakras. Think of your intentions. That you want to feel a connection to everyone in the room and everyone on earth, God, nature, whoever. Focus on the consciousness of your soul. State your intention. You want to be aligned with nature, other people. You may even want to think that this will be a permanent connection

When you do use cannabis for religious purposes, just be warned about drug tests. If you are required to take drug tests, then you may want to find another way to reach spiritual bliss or find a way to pass these tests. If you want to know how to pass hair follicle test, there are ways to do it, but it’s not easy. In fact, the knowledge of how to pass hair follicle test is almost secret, but you should seek advice from medical professionals to know more.



Emily Syane is a health blogger and customer service representative for LA based body Detoxification Company. She loves to write a blog about life, career, and anything about new research. You can read her informative blogs on hair follicle testing facts at


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Guest post by Danny @

Today, there is growing interest regarding just what marijuana can do to our health. In the US, there were cases that made headlines regarding marijuana’s curative effects to the worst cases of epilepsy. These are some of the reasons why cannabis is now under the microscope to examine what it can really do. There are researchers who are now interested specifically regarding what cannabis treatment can do in order to help those with HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS, according to the World Health Organization, is affecting 34 million worldwide. Also, it is worth mentioniong that there was a recorded 1.7 million people who died worldwide due to HIV/AIDS related diseases. Though there are a number of preventive measures that the UN has been making, it is clear that a cure is still much needed.



According to a new research conducted in Louisiana, they have found out that THC shows a strong potential in treating HIV. With a group of infected primates, they provided medical THC doeses for 17 months. Based on their findings, those receiving THC showed less significant damage than the group that didn’t get such treatment. The signs of HIV were also significantly reduced.

This is not the first time where THC has intrigued researchers in regards to what it can do to stop the retrovirus’ progression. In 2011, there was a similar study that dwelled on the same topic of cannabinoid administration. In this study, scientists tested THC administration on primates affected with SIV. One month after the treatment using THC, the researchers were surprised to find that chronic cannabinoid administration did not exacerbate the immune dysfunction.



These studies can be pointing towards disease modulation. Today, highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is being administered in order to stop the replication and the progression of HIV. This includes three or more drugs. If not for HAART today, more people would have been affected with AIDS. The problem with HAART is that it has been associated with bone problems as well as arrhythmia and even breathing problems.



THC works by targeting the CB2 receptors in the brain. In turn, the CB2 receptor activates the immune system, in particular areas such as the spleen and gastrointestinal tract. Now, what makes CB2 receptor a good sign for the researchers? CB1 receptor has been known to produce psychoactive effects. CB2, according to research, reacts positively in producing only the therapeutic aspects of THC. For instance, it has the ability to reduce swelling and alleviate pain.

What THC does is to bring healthy bacterial cells that block the virus from leaking through the cell walls. To make the explanation simpler, what THC does is to bring back the friendly bacteria taken out by the virus. This study however, is still not yet totally accepted as a means of stopping HIV. According to critics like Dr. Leslie Walker of Seattle Children’s Hospital, the benefits that THC has on the gastrointestinal lining may not be the same elsewhere in preventing infections.



Since all the tests mentioned above were done on animals, the question now is if there will come a time when these tests will be done on human beings. These studies are still new and may need a couple more years before being brought to human testing.


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With Colorado becoming the first state to sell recreational marijuana in the United States, pot use is certainly on many people’s minds. Marijuana has always been a controversial subject in mainstream media. However, what most people outside the athletics world might know is that this is also a hot button issue in the world of professional and amateur sports. Anti-doping tests are standard in many sports and sports events. Performance enhancing drugs give athletes an unfair advantage in competition where skill and strength, gained through hard work and sacrifice, are prized.

Marijuana Philosophy and Acceptance


However, marijuana remains a gray area. For many professional teams, marijuana is absolutely forbidden, as they may feel that this projects a bad public image. Also, some people think marijuana may reduce an athlete’s performance. For many team owners, they feel that they pay top dollar for the best employees, so they should get 100% performance. They even require their players to take a marijuana hair drug test every now and then. On the other hand, there are some organizations that simply don’t care what athletes do in their private time. Many national teams, for example, ignore their athlete’s use of marijuana outside training and competition season. Recently, the World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA increased their threshold for testing positive for marijuana about tenfold. While owners may frown upon their players’ use of the drug, the National Hockey League does not have marijuana on their list of banned substances.



It’s no secret that athletes put their bodies through a lot, all in the name of sports. Torn ligaments, broken bones, dislocated joints – these are just some of the injuries these athletes suffer. While they can recover from many of these injuries, some leave lasting pain for life. Marijuana has been shown to reduce pain. More important, marijuana is non-addicting. Opioid-based painkillers are highly-addictive and affect an athlete’s performance. Proponents are arguing that, if after a particularly brutal football game, for example, a player could go home, smoke marijuana to relieve aches and pains, and come back the next week to play again, whey should owners complain?



Perhaps one reason pro sports organizations do not want to allow the use of marijuana for their players is the stigma. While polls say that more people today approve of marijuana use, for the most part, it still has a bad reputation especially because of THC. THC or Tetrahydrocannabino is the component in the cannabis plant that gives users a “high”. However, there are many strains of the cannabis plant that have very low THC, so they can deliver the anti-inflammatory effects without the high. This could be a game changer for proponents of medical marijuana, plus, with low amounts of THC, athletes could pass a marijuana hair drug test easily.

Could marijuana soon become more acceptable in society? Perhaps not in the next year or two, but times are certainly changing. It probably won’t be long until marijuana consumption could be as normal as smoking or drinking alcohol.



Emily Syane is a health blogger and customer service representative for LA based body Detoxification Company. She loves to write a blog about life, career, and anything about new research. You can read her informative blogs on hair follicle testing facts at


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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Adjusts his Medical Marijuana Stance

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Adjusts his Medical Marijuana Stance

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Adjusts his Medical Marijuana Stance

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, has traveled the world researching medical marijuana with the intent to educate, inform, and… to apologize. After witnessing medical marijuana miracles and performing extensive international research, Dr. Gupta has apologized for misleading the public, and he’s “doubling down”.

Sanjay’s research, reports, and recently adjusted stance may, in fact, award him the Pot Doctor moniker, but he isn’t alone. Acclaimed medical professionals have been astonishingly wrong about marijuana. Many have advised against both medical and recreational use for decades, regardless of the mounting medical breakthroughs and emerging health benefits. Some denounce the plant because it’s been shrouded in controversy and stigmatism for so long, and others because of a lack of knowledge.

Unfortunately archaic laws and ill-informed regulatory agencies continue to impede research and stifle awareness. In 1970 marijuana was classified as a schedule 1 substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and is still regarded as a dangerous drug with “no accepted medicinal use and a high potential for abuse”. This, while cocaine, meth and oxy remain schedule 2 substances- a classification for drugs with less potential for abuse. For perspective note that Xanax and Valium are schedule 4 substances.

Sanjay insists “it is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana.” He emphasizes a disturbing statistic: every 19 minutes someone dies from an overdose of prescription drugs which, along with alcohol and cigarettes, are far more accessible to adults and teens than marijuana. Obama’s push for access to better health care hasn’t done much to change marijuana’s position on the list of controlled substances, or the restrictions that limit research. Sanjay highlights the president’s interview with the New Yorker magazine. Obama stated that he doesn’t believe marijuana is any more dangerous than alcohol.

Comparisons to alcohol continue to accompany the marijuana conversation. But I question the motives behind cigarettes and why they’re still legal. Known to be extremely harmful for the smoker AND those within inhaling distance, cigarettes continue to claim countless lives while the healing properties of marijuana are suppressed and regulated to the detriment of people who really need it. As Sanjay points out, the road to research goes through the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an organization with a mission centered on abuse prevention not benefits awareness.

It’s a tough subject, but respected medical practitioners around the world are opening up to the benefit of extensive and complete marijuana research. Sanjay admits his research has been met with both contempt and curiosity from influential people in powerful positions. He was denied an interview with the Food & Drug Administration, but says the head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse agrees that less restrictions would benefit marijuana research. Sanjay also had the opportunity to discuss cannabis cures with Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League.

Sanjay shared the commissioner’s views and the league’s outlook as it follows marijuana science. Goodell said the NFL would accept cannabis as a medicine if it were established as such by the medical community. The long-term implications of concussions and their impact on the health and wellbeing of professional football players is a growing topic of concern. Cannabis is known to improve, and even correct neurological impairments, and ironically the US holds a medical marijuana patent specifically for that purpose.

Sanjay also updates us on Charlotte Figi, a little girl who suffered through many long-hours of non-stop, treatment resistant seizures every day for years. Cannabis has transformed Charlotte from a physically diminished and chronically hospitalized patient to a happily thriving and healthy little girl. Her family’s story has influenced so many people and continues to inspire hope.

I suggested marijuana to a relative suffering from a losing battle with cancer. But she was too consumed with fears fueled by false “facts” and legal repercussions to consider the plan’s medicinal qualities. Even as numerous operations and prescribed drugs continued to fail. Many have up-rooted their lives and moved to Colorado for the sake of an ailing family member. Sadly they’ve left loved ones behind, and are now confined to Colorado. Traveling with marijuana still runs the risk of being arrested for drug trafficking. So far 20 states have legalized medical marijuana. Even Georgia, a conservative state that just recently amended laws prohibiting the purchase of alcohol on Sundays, has just passed a medical marijuana bill.

Colorado’s marijuana community has become a safe-haven for the otherwise incurable, and the world will learn from the state’s medical and financial strides. With more marijuana retailers than Starbucks, Denver entrepreneurs are cashing in. Projected gains for the first year are expected to exceed $150 million in tax revenue that will likely be reinvested into Colorado schools and education. Denver is even threatening to absorb the travel and tourism revenues of neighboring vacation destinations and attractions.

As a neurosurgeon, Sanjay maintains that the developing brain shouldn’t be exposed to marijuana. But the medical breakthroughs can’t be ignored. Cannabis has freed people from life-threatening illnesses and improved their quality of life.

I appreciated Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Weed, and I look forward to what he has to share in his second installment, Weed 2: Cannabis Madness, airing tonight at 10p ET. He’s also answering your questions today at 12 noon today on Reddit.

Anika Jaffara, a freelance writer and digital marketing strategist, researches entrepreneurial opportunities and organizations advocating for marijuana awareness and education. Follower her @AnikaJaffara.



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Colorado and California Marijuana Events and Tours

MJ Traveler Logo


Starting this week, MJ Traveler is offering cannabis events and tours in California starting with a bus tour to the L.A. Cannabis Cup.

Cannabis Cup Flyer



This week, MJ Traveler will be launching it’s first California MMJ tour:MJ Traveler will be picking up passengers in Bakersfield and Santa Clarita and taking them to/from the High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. On the way, be prepared to stop, shop, and stock up at a couple of the best dispensaries. We will also make a pit-stop or two for brews and grub because, as we all know… getting there is 1/2 of fun!!!



- $149/Person (event ticket and transportation included)
- Jay Griffin (661) 699-9209
- Event page:!/events/536812319750888/



- This event (expo and Saturday night party) is for all adults ages 18+.
- You do not need a medical card to attend the expo, but you will need a doctor’s recommendation or California medical card if you plan to consume cannabis on-site, in accordance with California law. Need help getting/renewing your MMJ card? We can help!



- 1:30pm  
“Generation Dab”
Bobby Black (moderator), HIGH TIMES senior editor
Addison Demoura, Steep Hill Labs
Dougie, Hitman Glass

- 3pm
“Cultivation Experts Discuss Their Art”
Danny Danko (moderator), HIGH TIMES senior cultivation editor
Dru West, California expert cultivator
Kenny Estes, Grand Daddy Purps
DJ Short, author of Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis
Bret Bogue, Apothecary Genetics

- 4pm
“California Pot Politics 2014”
Rick Cusick (moderator), HIGH TIMES associate publisher
Dale Gieringer, CA NORML  Cynthia Johnston, founder of Brownie Mary Democratic Club
Buddy Duzy, Jack Herer Initiative
Don Duncan, Americans for Safe Access

- 5pm
“New Dimension in Cannabis Cuisine”
Elise McDonough (moderator), author of The HIGH TIMES
Cannabis Cookbook
Claude “The Candyman,” Sweetstone Candy
Kyle Morsel, Morsel Bakery
Todd Shapiro, Canna-business pioneer
Cheri Sicard, author of The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook

- 8pm
The HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup presents B.o.B.



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Jeremiah Kern aka Dr. Fatty Greenstone, Bm.F
MJ Traveler

Durango ganjapreneur provides a means to spread the legal marijuana wealth

Durango, CO: There are dozens of websites that point cannabis consumers and pot tourists to the medical and retail outlets where they can procure a stash of smokables and edibles. approaches the same audience from a different angle, providing education and info on other businesses that run in communities where legal marijuana is available. The site seeks to provide a virtual cannabis concierge that guides visitors to the friendliest places to eat, shop, play and lodge during their stay in towns that have made legal cannabis available.

Powered by and modeled after the popular pot etiquette site, MJTraveler is currently soft-launched as the creators compile the ultimate business database for offering high-class experiences to consumers. According to MJ Traveler VP and Durango local Jeremiah Kern aka Dr. Fatty Greenstone, “Colorado businesses will do themselves a huge favor in identifying as friendly to canna-tourists. The cannabis is bringing them in, and the service industry as a whole can take over from there. Our site can be summed up by answering this simple question: ‘You’ve found the weed, you’re high, now what?’ Tourists spend money, plain and simple. There is a cap on how much cannabis they can actually buy, and that’s where wise restaurant, hotel, touring, retail and other businesses can capitalize. Invite the pot tourists in with open arms, be friendly, this will only add to the success of your business and drive profits.”

Currently MJTraveler is technically an offshoot of, which has been on the web for over a decade. “We knew we had already captured the attention of our target audience: cannabis enthusiasts with style and class, so we figured it would be smart for us, and businesses who list with us alike, to lean on the popularity of our existing site to soft launch. We average 4,000-5,000 visits per day, and that’s growing fast.” says Aaron Reno, president of MJTraveler. “Right now anyone who lists with us will have their info on both and for at least the first year following launch. A basic listing is free, and sponsored or featured listing is very affordable at this time.”

Anyone ready to identify and list as a “friendly business” and reach SmokingwithStyle’s average annual audience of 1.4m classy cannabis enthusiasts can do so by contacting Jay Griffin, Marketing and Sales Director at (661) 699-9209 or by email:

MJ Traveler™ is the place where marijuana users go for the best and most practical information regarding marijuana tourism. Unlike other sites that simply tell you where to procure your stash, MJ Traveler™ will guide you toward the best locations in which to partake of the herb as well as those places you must visit once satisfied. In other words, “You’re high, now what?”

Contact Jeremiah by email: or call 970.317.3068 with any questions or for more info. Peace, love, DOPE!



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Written by: Anica O, Freelance writer and web enthusiast


Many glass pipes transcend simple functionalism into something that’s an expression of decor or personal style. There are lots of opportunities for artistic expression and creativity when it comes to making creative glass pipes because of how malleable and ductile the material is, and how well it takes to shaping.

In order to do its job, a pipe needs a burn chamber, a vent from the chamber to the water reservoir, a chamber to catch the smoke, and a way to release the smoke into the lungs. There’s typically a choke or carb to cause the smoke to go down the vent and bubble through the water. All creative pipes, like those at and other online sites, try to add some artistic expression, or extra functionality, to those parts of the pipe.



The most common motif for a creative glass pipe is a skull. Typically, the burn chamber is in the lower jaw, the water reservoir is in the base of the skull, and the smoke chamber near the top. Pipettes that allow you to suck the smoke are in the face of the skull. Variations on this theme move the burn chamber to the back of the skull.



These pipes have a structure similar to a tree–with the burn chamber worked into the bole of the trunk, and they may have texturing on the glass to look like bark. The inhalation holes are typically branches, or other types of ornamentation. Some of these also use biblical motifs, like a coiled serpent around the trunk.



Sports car themes are also popular for glass pipes, with the burn chamber in the front of the vehicle, the reservoir on the middle, and the smoke coming out of the exhaust. Not all automotive-themed pipes are sports cars, though they are predominant; there are glass pipes that look like Volkswagen buses and the iconic Beetle.



Whether inspired by the glasswork of Dave Chihully or the clean, modern look of science fiction, there are a lot of pipes that run the smoke through coils of glass to cool it off–mimicking a condenser coil in appearance, if not function. These may also look like lab equipment.



There are a number of glass pipes that mimic human bodies–usually female–in different poses, with the smoke coming from suggestive places. These may also be in the form of busts, or anatomical models of internal organs.


Your glass pipe is more than a utilitarian implement–it’s an expression of personal style. Getting one that matches your decor, mood, and personality is half the fun.


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Friday , January 10th, 2014 | Posted By: Bud S. Moker, Th.C.

Written by: Corinne Tobias, Author of “Wake and Bake: a cookbook


What do Dennis Rodman, North Korea and Cannabis Cupcakes Have in Common?

It’s the middle of January 2014 and Dennis Rodman is probably somewhere in North Korea getting hammered. That’s just what Dennis Rodman seems to be into these days. Sometimes he’s with a dictator. Sometimes he’s flipping out on CNN. And sometimes it’s constantly on the news.

And why? Is it because he’s our only personal link to our favorite isolated communist nation? Do we wonder what Dennis knows that we don’t know? Or is it just the way they look together?

He Who Shall Not Be Named (mostly because no one can remember if this one is UN or IL) sports designer sunglasses that could have been snatched off an Olsen twin. Dennis K. Rodman smiles at him knowingly, like they share the secret to controlling a multigenerational population, and the secret is what keeps things hot.

Those two are a regular odd couple.

Meanwhile, North Korea was dubbed the nation with “the world’s worst security for nuclear materials.”  And a couple of rappers from DC were able to infiltrate the country to film a music video. Come on Un, you’re slipping. If you don’t watch out, someone’s going to steal all of your bombs and photo bomb you at the same time.

The following is a seemingly unrelated thoughtless cannabis cupcakes recipe from Wake & Bake: a cookbook. So… what do these three people/things have in common?

Answer: These cupcakes require as much brainpower as the third generation member of a fundamentalist regime and an eccentric NBA basketball player combined. And if those two were reading this, they’d need to (best burn joke you can find… insert here).

*Learn how to make The Green Monsta Oil here: Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Tutorial.