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I could be wrong on this, but sometimes it seems like smartphones were made to be the ultimate accessory.

Looking through Google Play and the Apple iTunes Store, I found dozens of apps for fans of marijuana (or those just curious about it). From reference to entertainment and social apps, you’ll find more than enough options to make you a smarter connoisseur of bud, and to help you enjoy your bud, as well.

But not all weed apps are the same, my friends. I’m going to highlight a small group of excellent apps, which I tested on my Android-based Samsung Galaxy.



This gorgeous, fun, and ambitious app is probably the best all-around reference. Loaded with extensive information about weed and how to use it, Marijuana Handbook is great for looking up specific information or just browsing for fun. You’ll find detailed information about strains, terminology, and recipes. Plus, if you’re lucky to live in a state with legal dispensaries, the app maps out nearby locations.

iPhone ($2.99); Android ($2.99)



Yet another marijuana reference app, Dr. Weed offers a bit more focus on current events. While it does have recipes, tips for growers, and information about marijuana, it also features podcasts, videos, and movies. Put together by a California dispensary, its focus is on medical marijuana.

iPhone ($0.99); Android ($0.99)



This app is so simple, and its appeal goes far beyond the stoner crowd. Check it out anytime to view and add entries to the database of cannabis-induced thoughts. You’ll find hilarious, serious, and strange ideas from a large network of fellow ents. Go straight to the best with its options for viewing popular entries. Sadly, I couldn’t find an iPhone equivalent.

Android ($0.99)



Yet another novelty app, Falling Weed adds a live wallpaper to your Android phone consisting of marijuana leafs. Watch as they fill up your screen. I loaded it onto my new cell phone from T-Mobile, and haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

Android (Free)



When I’m in the right frame of mind, I could stare at these for hours on end. Just a collection of classic, mind-bending optical illusions. With 98 total illustrations, you’ll find plenty to marvel at with your friends.

iPhone (Free); Android (Free)



Much can be said of this excellent puzzle and adventure game, but I’ll just point out it’s an excellent companion to smoking. With its strange characters, moody graphics, and fun gameplay, it’s downright immersive.

iPhone ($2.99); Android ($4.99)



Got the munchies? Don’t go without this app! I can’t think of a better resource for finding nearby restaurants and businesses.

iPhone (Free); Android (Free)


Mary J. McCullen is a staff writer for, a website about kitchen fashion and home style.


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    Bud S. Moker, Th.C. says:

    Great post Mary!!! We look forward to many more in the future.

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    eli says:

    world of goo is definitely an AWESOME smoking companion, can’t get enough of this

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    Morgan says:

    WeedMaps has a new Game App called BudTrimmer HD. Weed Farmer’s great, but right now I’m just kicking back and playing BudTrimmer HD… I can’t stop playing it…

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    Big Buds says:

    There are a TOOON of cannabis strain apps that just came on the market, but they are all pretty terrible outside of maybe leafly and Weedmaps is decent for looking up strains, haven’t played the game yet though! sounds fun