Corporate Heavy Weights to Fuel Marijuana Growth

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

As far as marijuana legalisation is concerned, many countries have come out in its favour. Almost 30 countries have permitted the use of cannabis all over the world.  The number continues to grow with time.

There are a lot of pointers indicating that it will have a positive outcome for those who are in its approval. There are a lot of evidences signifying that marijuana is seen as something significant with time. Many laws have also decriminalised its use. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) holds that marijuana should be treated simply like alcohol and tobacco.

When it comes to legalisation of cannabis, it means paving the way for the cannabis industry. Particularly the cannabis market. That means it could fetch hefty amount of financial gains.

Initially, a lot of big corporate firms were refraining to invest or indulge in the cannabis market for fear of retaliation. However, gradually big corporations are now beginning to strategise to capitalize. Some of them have already started locating themselves in the market to gain huge profits.

 Five Corporate names who are betting big on marijuana legalisation.

corporate marijuana



Microsoft became the first tech giant name to get into the legal marijuana business. They partnered with Kind Financial to make safe and secure transactions in the marijuana business. It broke the taboo and caught a lot of eyeballs. Microsoft’s entry added more legitimacy and improvised the fortune of dozens of startups. They were always afraid to get into the marijuana business due to the stigma associated with smoking the weed. With Microsoft’s entry, the notion has begun to change.

 Miracle Gro

This is absolutely justified for a company that helps grow and cultivate plants would pave its path into the marijuana industry. Miracle Gro has been focusing on expansion of medical and even recreational cannabis. It has initiated the pathway for its subsidiary Hawthorne Gardening to provide soil, nutrient, lighting, and hydroponic solutions to aid in the growth and yield of medical marijuana crops. The company is aiming to dip its toes in the water with marijuana stocks to capitalize in the coming years.





A high yield agricultural company just wouldn’t be the same without one of the most reviled companies on Earth being somehow involved. Monsato has been closely investigating and analysing the marijuana market. Monsanto is developing genetically modified (GMO) forms of cannabis with patented GMO seeds. It is in a lookout for technologies that

that would allow it to edit the cannabis plant’s genetic makeup — effectively turning it into a GMO.




Streaming giant Netflix has partnered with creative agency Carrot and a California cannabis dispensary. Netflix has been working with the marijuana industry to produce weed themes around several of its TV series. It will help shoot up their industry growth by 200 % till 2020. This was done to help promote its new pot-themed show Disjointed.




Big Pharma

It is quite evident for the pharmaceutical industry to take the benefit from the end of prohibition. The investors in Big-Pharma see the light in them. They prevail in the market and believe that there is huge fortune in the cannabis market. Big-Pharma may help in availability of cannabis. There are already a few pharmaceutical companies which are utilising cannabis to create several medications. It seems like the green rush will be on in full swing in near future.

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