Online Headshops vs Local Headshops

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

There are more and more online headshops popping up every day. So naturally, the question on a lot of minds is ” Is an online headshop really better than a local headshop?”  To answer this, it’s important to understand what each has to offer. In this blog we are going to find out!

Lets Shop”Local”

Headshop sign

Headshop Sign

Local headshops are places newbies end up when they’re looking to buy a new pipe or dab rig. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. There’s nothing like seeing so much awesome stuff firsthand for the first time, right?

You get to see and touch products and hold them in your hand before you buy them. That alone is a classic experience that can’t be undervalued. It’s how humans have been judging quality of crafts since time immemorial, after all, and there’s a reason we still shop at brick and mortar stores at all in this digital age. We like that experience of touching, feeling, deciding right there in the moment.

Another huge benefit to going to a local headshop is the one-on-one facetime you can get with a local expert. These are people that live in your town. Maybe they even know you. You can explain to them your wants and goals. They can make recommendations based on what you said. You benefit from their knowledge and experience. There’s also a lot of benefits to being a regular patron of an establishment. Most businesses treat regular clientele like royalty. Especially if you are polite! Which is something that is easy to be in person when dealing one on one with folks.


Headshop…… What Headshop?

Of course, there are downsides to local headshops as well. I mean, does your town even have one? Most Americans still live in rural places and small cities. Unless you live in a bigger city or a college town, you may not even have a headshop.  This can definitely make it difficult to get to one.  A lot of small town Americans are used to traveling an hour or so by car to visit stores they want to see, but as gas prices rise and wages do not rise, traveling an hour to a headshop becomes a lot less practical.

Then there’s the inventory issue. Local headshops are limited by the amount of space they have in their store. As well as the how fast products are selling or not selling. They may not have the precise thing you’re looking for. You could probably order it online quicker than they could get it from their wholesaler. Which sort of defeats the instant gratification benefits of a brick and mortar headshop.

Online headshops

Online Headshops

Online Headshops

The biggest benefit to online headshops is that as long as you have access to the internet and a way to pay for the product, you have access to the products you want. Online headshops can stock huge inventory, because they’re not limited to the physical space that a brick and mortar headshop is. For what they lack in friendly salespeople, online headshops definitely make up for it in variety. Whatever you have in mind, an online headshop probably has it currently available.

So Many Options So Little Time

Some people may prefer online shopping as well, simply because you get to visually see loads of options in a relatively short amount of time. While some people may prefer to hold a pipe in their hand, others want to look at all of the pipes, and that’s how they make their decision, which is sort of a preference thing, but it’s a big part of why many prefer online headshops to local ones.

And while you won’t have as many salespeople at online headshops, it’s not like they’re without any human interaction at all. Most have customer service that can be reached by phone, email or online messaging and they’ll be happy to answer questions.

Online headshops also offer discretion. There’s nothing illegal about going to a headshop, but let’s face it: Humans can be judge-y creatures. For those who would prefer their smoking habits not to be known, online headshops obviously offer a level of discretion that local headshops simply can’t.

Going back to the variety thing, online headshops also tend to get a lot of new items in pretty regularly, so if you’re the type of person who likes to see what’s new, an online headshop’s your best bet.

Then there’s money. Online headshops are more likely to give out coupons, discounts and promo codes. Their brick and mortar counterparts, usually can’t afford it.  If you are interested in finding a reputable online head shop I highly recommend then head over to they carry a large inventory of products you’ll love at affordable prices!

Rolling Things Up

So, online headshops vs local headshops: Which one is better? That is a question only you can answer for yourself, but now that you’re better informed about the strong points of each, you’ve probably already made the decision.

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