Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Should Marijuana Be Legalized? 

The debate about marijuana has received a mixed response from the different groups. The fact that more than 158.8 million people all over the world use marijuana. Which is more than 3.8 percent of the world population. Advocates for its legalization. A survey by the national survey on drug use and health reveals that 2.1 million people in the US abuse marijuana in their lifetime, hence opposing the move to legalize marijuana.  

Many Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized like in other countries for several purposes. One of the most recent places where marijuana has been legalized is Colombia. Marijuana there is used only for medical purposes. Canada legalized marijuana for medical purposes.The country is  also considering legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. In the Netherlands, marijuana can be bought in certain coffee shops. It has been sold and smoked openly in Copenhagen since 1970.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized? : Reasons for “No”

Like smoking any substance, including marijuana, can negatively affect our health. Marijuana can affect our memory, IQ, and our judgment. There are several cases where the use of marijuana increases the chance of mental illness. Marijuana also causes impairment. If someone drives under the influence of marijuana, he/she could is more likely to cause an accident. Marijuana also has the ability reduces one’s ability to remain productive. It is dangerous for certain professions like pilots, care providers, and doctors.

Marijuana affects the development of brain among young people if smoked at young age. If marijuana is to be legalized, young people can easily access it; it may be destructive for the future generation.

In this case, corporations will market their products to young people to increase sales without considering the long-term effects of using marijuana. According to the national research council, if marijuana is used for a long time, it may alter the nervous system function hence promote violence. If marijuana is legalized, many people will want to try it since it’s one of the most widely used drugs.  Legalization will increase its consumption since it would be accessible and the price will drop.

Marijuana also affects people sex life; smoking marijuana cause infertility and importance in male. Several studies also link marijuana smoking to testicle cancer among young men.

All in all, marijuana is listed among narcotic drugs along with heroin, cocaine, and meth. Marijuana is perceived, as the gateway to other hard drugs. Users who take cannabis are likely to abuse other narcotic drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Those who take marijuana in large quantities can be affected in several ways; some smokers find themselves lacking the energy to work or lack motivation. Some smokers cannot carry out normal tasks like cleaning; this means marijuana is dangerous because those smoking will not support their families as expected.

Like alcohol, marijuana can also cost the government ten times more that revenues gained if it is legalized. Marijuana increases the chance of road accidents and damages the body I the long run.

No country would legalize marijuana owing to its negative effects. However, many people agree that policy changes would enable the country to reap some of its benefits.  Marijuana can help patients with severe illnesses, but health is one of the concerns of why many governments hesitate to legalize marijuana.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized? : Reasons for “Yes”

Those who advocate for the legalization of marijuana state that research studies have shown that marijuana can alleviate pain and other symptoms of various illness including cancer and sclerosis. A research study by reveals that marijuana if used properly, can reduce the demand for narcotic drugs hence reduce overdose of painkillers. The research view marijuana as medicine that needs to be studied to cure diseases like cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer.

As states and local government struggle to generate revenue, many of them look for creative ways to increase revenue. Economic experts believe that legalization of marijuana will help solve the revenue problem.

However, the product needs to be monitored by the authorities as it happens with alcohol and tobacco. Legalizing marijuana means the products will be taxed to generate revenue.  In addition, the police and the judiciary will use their resources to fight serious crimes. Legalizing marijuana will also reduce drug related crimes, even if the state legalizes local marijuana demand will increase. But banning marijuana will encourage illegal drug cartel and the drugs will still be accessible in the black market.

Final notes

Marijuana could help sick people by alleviating their pain. There had been lots of debate about legalizing marijuana with many Americans advocating for its legalization like other countries. However, we also need depth research and strengthen laws to advocate for treatment and proper use of marijuana.

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