10 Best Things to Indulge in When Stoned

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

10 Best Things to Indulge in When Stoned

There are many things to do when high, and the effects of marijuana are numerous. Marijuana works on many levels to bring on a variety of different experiences. The psychoactive compound found in marijuana is THC. THC mimics an endocannabinoid found in the human body. Endocannabinoids work on cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The endocannabinoid system is important in regulating many different biological processes, sleep, taste, touch, smell, appetite, mood, temperature, pain and pleasure. The combination of all of these items means that many everyday processes are heightened with the ingestion of marijuana. The following are the 10 best things to indulge in when stoned.

Indulgence One – Food

Practically everybody has heard of the munchies. Anyone who gets stoned knows that appetites is largely increased. This is because of the effect THC has on Ghrelin, a hormone linked to hunger levels. When certain receptors get stimulated in the brain due to THC, it is a signal to the body to release more Ghrelin. This hunger hormone tells your body that you are hungry. So marijuana actually increases hunger while also increasing taste and the sense of pleasure associated with eating. Eating is one of the most popular indulgences when people are stoned. There are all manner of marijuana edibles to get the best of both worlds. Many like to have specific marijuana food prepared for when they get stoned.

Indulgence Two – Funny Movies

Everything is so much funnier when you are high. Everyday regular occurrences can seem to be insanely funny after the ingestion of a moderate amount of marijuana. Many marijuana groups like to have a funny movie lined up to watch while they are stoned. Cartoons such as Futurama, South Park, American Dad, are popular marijuana shows. Popular marijuana movie contenders would include Pineapple Express, This is the End, Zombie land, Horrible Bosses, The Hangover and other bizarre comedies. They are so much funnier when stoned.

Indulgence Three – Sleep

Indica’s in particular are renowned for being as relaxing as possible. Sleep feels so enticing while stoned. It can be a deep and restorative sleep which you may not have achieved in weeks. Marijuana can send some people off to a deep 12-hour long slumber of pleasant dreams. On the other hand, with a marijuana strain of the Sativa variety you might just end up with an active lucid dream with many visuals. While most people do smoke marijuana for the effects of the high, the sleep can be badly needed and sometimes even as enjoyable as the high itself. For those suffering from insomnia this may be the main reason that they smoke marijuana in the first place.

Indulgence Four – Sex

Marijuana is well known for inducing Libido in some cases. This is due to the effect it has on the endocannabinoid system. While the exact mechanism of action is not known ins relation to libidinal increase, it does seem to increase sexual desire for both men and women, and for some couples this is a valid indulgence. The effects are subjective and this may not be a consistent.

Indulgence Five – Art

Studies have proven that marijuana increase creativity. So artistic products and artistic creations can be seen from a new angle when people are high on THC. Many people get stoned before going to cultural settings. Going to museums they are more able to fully appreciate artistic endeavors. This is because marijuana opens up the right/feminine side of the brain and quietens down the left analytical side of the brain. The left side is only concerned with seeing the functional use of things. While the right side is more concerned with seeing the artistic and metaphysical components.

Indulgence Six – Video Games

Many computer games are already ridiculously entertaining and can be viciously addictive. A prime example of this is Call of Duty. A popular first-person shooter game. Within the game there is a subgame called Zombies. In Zombies, you go round after round killing zombies. A very popular stoner video game within a video game.  The levels get more difficult as you pass them and you can play the game with friends. THC heightens the pleasure associated with playing these games (likely due to dopamine release). As a result the games are more entertaining. It is not just first-person shooter games. All types of multiplayers games are more entertaining, such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario or Fifa. While strategy games might be too thought intensive for those who are stoned, shooters and other types of video games can make for wildly entertaining evenings for groups of marijuana lovers.

Indulgence Seven – Company

Marijuana ingestion increases emotional processing to a large degree. It is a good way to pass the time and tell stories to friends. Even to bridge differences between people. It can also be a good way for two partners to connect. It can help them talk at a deeper level than what they are typically used to.

Indulgence Eight – Music

Music is one of the more popular ways to spend a marijuana session. Being stoned heightens many senses. Music is far more enjoyable when stoned than when sober. There are many popular marijuana songs out there but again this is largely an individual preference. Having a marijuana soundtrack is common among nearly all cannabis consumers. Along with a movie many marijuana groups will have a playlist at the ready.

Indulgence Nine – Massage

A massage normally feels deep and relaxing on its own. Twinned with marijuana it can feel incredibly relieving and rejuvenating. You simply sit there and let the waves of pleasure wash over your skin. There are even cannabis topicals. Massage therapists are going to make use of in states where marijuana is legal.

Indulgence Ten – Practical Jokes

Practical jokes are always funny, but their hilarity is multiplied when you are stoned. Hiding things on people or giving  the wrong directions can seem like the funniest thing when you are stoned. But you might make up the next morning with a very angry flatmate asking why you send him 10 kilometers to find the nearest Starbucks when there was one around the corner.

These are the 10 primary cannabis indulgences. THC heightens all of the senses. It is obvious that it makes doing pretty much anything a lot more fun. A popular indulgence is actually to take it to work to get through the day. It can help make it a little less stressful.


Author Bio – John Levy is a professional blogger covering news and other topics related to marijuana. Currently, working for Pot Valet- a leading company to provide marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara, John has extensively written about medical marijuana and related products. Follow his company on G+ and Facebook.

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