10 Pot-Smoking U.S. Presidents

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017
pot-smoking u.s. presidents

Pot-Smoking U.S. Presidents

Presidents today do not reach their positions without first facing rigorous background checks. Every word ever spoken and every action ever taken goes through intense scrutiny. The media sabotages their lives to know everything about them, and the public demands to know what motivates and drives them. U.S. Presidents smoking marijuana has always been publicly controversial subject.

Presidents Smoking Weed

Nobody alive today remembers the commercial hemp industry. It had a crucial role in the economy of the United States in the 1700s and early 1800s. Farmers were cultivating hemp on a commercial scale. Some of our first presidents were growing this crop themselves, with some THC-potent Sativa strains among the rows. Marijuana was popular before prohibition, and it is fast becoming mainstream again.

With today’s technology, it is easier to gather documents and conduct research than in decades and centuries past. A simple Google search will confirm at least four recent presidents as cannabis users, but no concrete proof exists for most presidents during the prohibition era. However, plenty of evidence exists to support that these 10 pot-smoking U.S. Presidents are factual:

1. George Washington

One of the founding fathers of the United States, and the country’s very first president, was an avid hemp grower. George Washington wrote in a correspondence letter that he was separating male and female plants too late in the season for them to blossom. In his own handwriting, he admits that he was specifically cultivating female plants for its higher content of valuable THC.

2. John Adams

The second U.S. President was a well-known advocate of hemp for industrial purposes. Using Humphrey Ploughjogger as a pseudonym, he wrote a 1793 postscript for the Boston Evening Post. In it, he implied a future demand for recreational use. In his own words, he said, “we shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption.” He could not have been more accurate.

3. Thomas Jefferson

Allegations of Jefferson’s private cannabis use remain unconfirmed. However, speculation abounds. As a large-scale hemp farmer, everyone knew about the patch he was cultivating for himself. Although this remains only suspicion, there is more speculation to fuel the rumors. During the height of the hashish era in France, Jefferson was the stationed U.S. Ambassador there, partaking at most gatherings.

4. James Madison

The man responsible for creating the U.S. Constitution credits hemp for inspiring his democratic ideas. We all know that the psychoactive properties of THC can provide exactly this type of “creativity,” but despite widespread evidence of this effect from ingested cannabis strains, the media thought it more likely that he was referring economically to the highly valuable varieties of industrial hemp at the time.

5. James Monroe

The fifth U.S. President smoked hashish openly when serving as the U.S. Ambassador to France. He never stopped doing so until he died at the age of 73. Both Andrew Jackson and Zachary Taylor were other U.S. Presidents to smoke weed openly, and records show both of them smoking cannabis alongside their troops during some of the most difficult days in our country’s history.

6. Franklin Pierce

Before Pierce ran for presidency, he was fighting the Mexican-American War as an ordinary soldier. As such, he was in all likelihood smoking weed with them. In fact, in a letter he penned back home during the time, President Pierce considered marijuana to be “about the only good thing” about the entire war. Cannabis use was widespread among the troops in those days, and it helped them enormously.

7. John F. Kennedy

In John F. Kennedy: A Biography, we learn that this president was treating his back problems with cannabis. One excerpt describes the evening of July 16, 1962, where Kennedy was smoking weed with Mary Meyer and Jim Truitt. Mary gave Kennedy six joints, of which he smoked three before the effects kicked in. After refusing a fourth joint, he famously said, ‘Suppose the Russians did something now.’

8. Bill Clinton

The great wordsmith, Bill Clinton, made just one remark about marijuana in his career thus far. In it, he both admitted to using it and condemned his behavior. He experimented a few times in England, but expressly told the public that he did not enjoy it, did not smoke it, and never took it again. Although he did not lie about not inhaling, everyone at Oxford University knew of his cookie and brownie habit.

9. George W. Bush

Although unknowingly recorded, Bush admitted on camera that he had tried marijuana. However, he would not admit it to the public because he did not want his confession to encourage children. He famously said, “Do you want your little kid to say, ‘Hey Daddy, President Bush tried weed, so I think I will too’?” He also admitted to using cocaine and drinking problematically.

10. Barack Obama

Back in 1995, before Barack Obama became a politician, he wrote the memoir Dreams from My Father. In it, he discusses experimenting with both cocaine and cannabis. In an interview during his presidential campaign, he openly confessed to smoking it as a kid, even saying that inhaling was the whole point of it. There are even suspicious photographs online of Barack Obama puffing a joint or two.

U.S. Presidents Smoking Marijuana

Because nobody remembers the time before prohibition, it may seem surprising that so many U.S. Presidents rolled a joint before bed. This is especially true when one considers all those imprisoned for the doing same over the years. All those who became unemployed, homeless, or otherwise destroyed, because of the criminal record an arrest came with.

The world is changing. Medical marijuana is fast becoming legal all over the world, with recreational weed following closely behind. It is good to know that we have old and current presidents who can advocate on the people’s behalf. All evidence points to marijuana being the upcoming savior of the United States economy. It will benefit millions, whether medicinally, recreationally, or economically.

Author Bio – John Levy is a professional blogger covering news and other topics related to marijuana. Currently, working for Pot Valet- a leading company to provide marijuana delivery service in Santa Barbara, John has extensively written about medical marijuana and related products. Follow his company on G+ and Facebook.

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