Vaping: How to Use Mods for A Better Experience

Monday, July 10th, 2017

How to Use Mods for Vaping

The smoking industry has received a huge hit since the inception of the vaping industry. A lot of people have already cut down on smoking due to the benefits they get from vaping.

The main reason why people prefer vaping to conventional cigarettes is that it offers the same experience but without any of the harmful side effects. This is because e-cigarettes and vaporizers don’t involve combustion and no tar is present.  Furthermore, you can tailor how much nicotine is in your device.

Yet, a lot of people complain that they don’t have the same experience from these electronic products as most people do. If you want to improve your vaping experience, you should look at using a mod.

Prior to that, however, you need to understand what a mod actually is.

What Is a Mod?

While the actual construction of a mod is a little complex, the simplest way to understand it is to think of an advanced vaporizer. This is also why mods are also often referred to as APVs or Advanced Personal Vaporizers. The key difference between them and regular vape pens is that they have a relatively larger battery power as well as functionality. There is a wide variety of mods that are present in the vaping market today.

Making the Most of Your Mods

Here is how you can elevate your experience with a mod.

Ways to Vape

Vaping is not that different to smoking in terms of use. There are two key ways of vaping. The first one is Mouth to Lung or MTL where you do what you do with a conventional cigarette. However, while using a mod, make sure that you start off with lighter settings as MTL can cause a hard hit on higher wattages.

The other way to inhale is to take the vapour right into your lungs. This can be done on higher wattages.

Charged and Clean

When people shift from smoking to vaping, they’re used to using the cigarette and then throwing it away. Things are different with a mod. For a better experience every single time, you need to keep it clean. The mods often build up residue in the mouthpiece or the chamber. Routine cleaning will allow you to inhale a higher amount of vapour allowing for a better high. In short, keep your mod clean!

Increase the Power

If you are a pro and want a sharper hit, a great way to do that is to increase the temperature or power of your mod. By doing that, you are allowing more of the vapour to be produced in the process. Inhaling more vapour will offer a better hit. It also goes on to elevate the throat-hit experience.

To make things even more enticing, you can reduce the air flow. It will result in a hotter, more concentrated vape, elevating your overall experience.

Choose the Right e-Liquids

Another way to improve your experience vaping through a mod is to opt for the right e-liquids. Different e-juices come in different compositions which mean that they offer different hits. While opting for one, you can check the amount of nicotine that it has. Some liquids come with no nicotine, some with a small concentration, while others come in a relatively higher amount. Fortunately, even the liquids that come with the highest amount of nicotine contain a far less than traditional cigarettes.

It may take some time before you fully get the hand of using mods, but once you do, you’ll start to feel the benefits and heighten your traditional vaping experience significantly. Modern vape mods are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes, and functions. Choose a fancy one and boast its aesthetics while you enjoy a great hit!


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