Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Why You Should Definitely Try Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation

Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation

Contrary to popular belief, hydroponic crop cultivation has been around since the time of the Aztecs. Not that their own systems were quite as technologically advanced as those of today, but the basic principles of hydro growing have been known for quite some time. As such, it’s impossible to even begin guessing where, when and by whom the first hydroponic cannabis cultivation was began.

Chances are, you’ve already come across the intensifying debate as to whether hydroponic cannabis cultivation can ever truly qualify as organic. Well, that’s not a debate we’re going to get into right now…primarily as we see it as a pretty cut-and-shut issue, truth be told. Instead, we’re focusing on the tried, tested and proven advantages of growing cannabis with a hydro setup, which go over and above those of soil growing.

Does hydroponic cannabis cultivation come with any drawbacks? Of course it does. For one thing, setting yourself up with the best gear on the market for a large-scale grow room isn’t going to be cheap. Far from it, in fact. In addition, hydro growing is a little more complex in the setup stages than throwing a few seeds in some soil and leaving them to it. And then there’s the cost of keeping the required machinery and electronics running as required.

Nevertheless, we’d advise against letting these few potential niggles put you off the idea, as what you can expect to get back for your efforts more than outweighs the input. In the vast majority of instances, trying your hand with hydroponic cannabis cultivation will change the way you grow your own for life.

Here’s a brief rundown of just a few of the reasons why you could be far better off giving hydroponics a go for yourself:

Total Control

With every indoor cultivation method, the grower assumes full control of the atmospheric growing conditions. From temperatures to humidity to lighting cycles and so on, the better the management of the growing environment, the better the plants will perform. With hydro growing, things are taken an important step further. Using this method, the grower also assumes total control of nutrient and moisture delivery with the kind of consistency and pinpoint precision that cannot be said for soil growing. By eliminating the soil, you effectively eliminate the ‘middleman’ – instead delivering the optimum dose of what your plants need, exactly where and when they need it.

Faster Results

It’s often said that it’s inadvisable to rush things along when it comes to cannabis cultivation. You need to allow sufficient time for nature to take its course and your plants to do their thing throughout each stage of their life cycle. The difference with hydro growing being that with such incredible pinpoint control over all growing conditions and factors, your plants can and will grow as fast as they possible can. Far faster than standard soil growing, meaning shorter times between setting things in motion and harvesting the good stuff. And of course, starting out with clones in the first place can reduce overall cultivation times even further.

100% Organic Results

Make no mistake about it – cannabis (and any other crops for that matter) grown using a hydro setup can be 100% organic in every way. If the cultivation process is organic, the results are organic…hence why there’s really no debate to be had. Traditional farmers may continue to dispute the matter, but facts are facts and definitions are not up for debate, as explained by Hydrosys.

It’s perfectly possible for hydroponic produce to be grown 100% organically. Hydroponic farming eliminates the need for growing media. Similarly, the nutrient solution the crops are provided with is usually 100% organic, produced by the highest quality natural ingredients. So whichever way you look at it, the plants have at no time been provided with anything synthetic or chemical – hence satisfying all requirements for organic cultivation.

Bigger Yields

Before anyone begins disputing this particular claim, the answer is yes – it’s technically possible to produce yields of identical size and quality using hydro and soil cultivation methods. So, what’s the benefit of hydro growing? It’s simple really – hydro makes it much easier to consistently come out with yields of superior size and quality. Once again, it all comes down to the way in which hydroponics prove the plants with a targeted and controlled stream of the exact nutrients they require throughout every stage of their life cycle. When you give them everything they need to reach their full potential, that’s exactly what they’ll do. It’s not impossible to produce incredible results with soil growing – it’s just a whole lot easier with hydro.

Less Space, More Weed

If you are looking to grow cannabis in a relatively small indoor grow space, you may find that hydro growing can be a Godsend. When it comes to making the most of every square-foot of space you have available, hydro simply towers over soil growing. The number of hydro cannabis plants you can pack into a tiny grow space is nothing short of remarkable. Which counts double if you get yourself set up with a vertical hydroponics system – an approach that uses vertical space to further maximise available floor space. Even if you’ve nothing more than a small cupboard or counter-top to work with, you’ve still got more than enough space to produce seriously impressive results. Arm yourself with a compact starter kit and prepare to be impressed!

No Weeding Required

While it might not be a deal-breaker as such, it’s still worth taking into account how the removal of the soil also removes the problem of weeds. When you grow without soil, you grow in a manner that makes it fundamentally impossible for weeds to cause you a headache. Though little more than a petty nuisance in small quantities, weeds can nonetheless do a serious number on your plants by leaching the key nutrients that should be making their way into your cannabis crop.

Pest Control

It’s also the same story when it comes to pest control, as there are quite a few common pests that need soil in order to survive. If there’s no soil to speak of, you completely eliminate the likelihood of being blighted by various pests that could prove to be problematic. Of course, hydro growing doesn’t automatically give your plants immunity from potential pest infestation, so it still pays to be vigilant. But at the same time, anything that contributes to the reduction of pest problems can only be a good thing!


One of the biggest advantages of working with a quality hydroponics system is the way in which so much of the process can be completely automated. Pretty much everything your plants need to reach their maximum potential is delivered by way of an electronic or mechanical system of some kind. This includes the delivery of nutrients, the provision of appropriate lighting, temperature control, humidity and all else besides. As such, all you need to do to relieve yourself of most responsibilities is install the required timers, thermostats and other measuring devices. This way, your hydroponic cannabis cultivation system effectively grows your plants for you, leaving you with little to do other than keep an eye on things along the way. For obvious reasons, this can also be an ideal approach to cannabis cultivation if you’re prone to being absent for any reason here and there.


Though there’s probably a more technical way of looking at it, the scalability of quality hydro systems makes them a little like Lego for cannabis growers. When the time comes to expand, reduce or change the setup in any way necessary, there’s very little you can’t do with hydroponics. While it’s not to say that soil growing isn’t at least moderately flexible, the possibilities with hydro really are limitless. It has a habit of becoming less a functional grow method, more an obsession that you’ll never tire of enhancing and upgrading.


Try as you might, but setting up indoors with traditional soil, fertilisers and so on will inevitably result in a fair bit of mess to deal with. It’s very difficult to keep these kinds of grow spaces clean and tidy, which is precisely why they aren’t necessarily suitable for integration in other living spaces around the home. By contrast, hydroponic cannabis cultivation keeps things so incredible neat and tidy that the whole setup can be nothing short of ornamental. A quiet corner of any room is really all that’s needed to set things up on a small scale, without making a mess of the place.

Rinse and Repeat

Last but not least, while it may be true to say that high-end hydro gear isn’t cheap to buy in the first place, it nonetheless represents exceptional value for money. The reason being that it can be used time and time again over the years, cultivating as many crops as you like with only minor maintenance and input needed along the way. Better yet, grow using cuttings from your own plants and you’re effectively looking at repeat-cultivation cycles that are almost 100% free of charge!


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