8 Bongs That Won’t Kill The Bank For 2017

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Affordable Bongs

Whether you blow glass or not, everybody can respect an awesome piece of blown glass. The issue is finding good glass at a price that isn’t going to hurt the piggy bank too much. Luckily we’ve got 10 affordable bongs you’re definitely going to want in your collection for 2017.

affordable bongs

UPC Sleek And Simple Beaker Bong

The UPC Sleek And Simple beaker bong is a clean, simple thick blown glass bong. This bong is hand blown by the well known UPC out of Toluca Lake, California. At only $69 this bong definitely makes a great go-to piece for your collection. Click here to check out the UPC Sleek And Simple on SmokeCartel!

great bongs

“Tree Love” 12” Straight Tube Bong

If you’re somebody that loves massive 1FT tall bongs you’re going to love The “Tree Love”. It’s your typical straight tube bong but what makes it special is four arm tree percolators. It also has a removable diffused down stems which makes it an easy piece to clean.  Guaranteed to provide a smooth, clean hit every time you break it out, you can’t go wrong with this one. Available on SmokeCartel for only $79 you should go snag this one today!

Sesh Supply “Pan” Mini Beaker

Always on the go but still want the smoothness of a quality bong? The “Pan” from Sesh Supply is a mini beaker that you can bring with you anywhere you go. Inside is a three hole diffuser this will offer awesome taste all the way through. You can snag this nice little travel size beaker here.

UPC “Simple Guy” Beaker Bong

Coming in at over 14” tall this is a massive bong. Coming from expert blowers over at UPC this piece is sure to turn heads during the next sesh! Blown in beautiful Toluca Lake, California this is the ideal bong for someone who likes taking massive bong rips, you can get this bad boy for a steal price of $64 here.

Double Tree Perc Beaker With Ice Pinch

Just when you thought one perc was all you needed the glass artists over at SmokeCartel designed this crazy 13 inch tall beaker bong with two percolators to keep those hits smooth throughout the whole session. If that isn’t enough for you, it has a diffused downstem and an ice pinch too! Although not the cheapest option on the list this bong is a true work of art at a fair price.

UPC Flat Beaker

This bong is for all the smokers out there on a budget who are still looking for a quality piece.. Here we have the the Flat Beaker bong from no other than the guys and girls from UPC. Featuring an elegant but functional design and measuring in at 8 inches making it a portable but very functional piece.  Make every hit a smooth hit with this UPC Flat Beaker bong, you can grab yours here.

JM Flow 14” Straight Shooter

The JM Flow Straight Shooter is a creation from JM Flow Sci Glass out of Riverside, California. This bong is affordable, built thick and is absolutely massive at over 14” tall! For only $70 this bong will become your new favorite piece at first sight. With an ice catcher to keep the hits icey cold you’re going to be pulling this thing out for every session. You can have one shipped right to you and get free shipping over at Smoke Cartel.

“The Tron” Showerhead to Tron Disc Bong

Probably the craziest in terms of innovation, “The Tron” from Smoke Cartel is the definition of scientific glass. It has a showerhead perc that leads into a tron disc to keep your hits as smooth as possible. Don’t let this thing fool you, at only 7” tall this thing packs some massive hits! You can grab one over at Smoke Cartel for only $89 which makes this a great choice on the list!

Which one’s for you?

With all these amazing choices, how do you pick the right one? Should you get a massive 1FT tall bong or go with something a little more portable and smaller? That all depends on you, if you’re someone that typically smokes in there house and doesn’t need to transport it a lot the bigger bongs might make sense for you. If you’re somebody who is always on the go and smokes in a lot of different places then you might want to get one of the smaller, more compact bongs. Decide what you’re looking for and figure out where you’re mainly going to be using it and pick a bong that fits your individual smoking needs.

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