The 5 Most Popular Myths About THC

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Finally Clearing Up the 5 Most Popular Myths About THC

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If you were to listen to all the experts and fear mongers in the world, you would run to the hills instead of getting anywhere near marijuana and more importantly the THC within. This worldly renowned molecule has been getting some really bad press for the better part of the last 100 years, contrary to the fact medical marijuana is now legal in more states than ever before.

With other states relaxing their laws when it pertains to medical marijuana, this is the best time to try as dispel the 5 most popular myths about THC before it robs you of your smoking experience.

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Many of the myths concerning THC were started back in the 1930 during the Refer Madness era. Not only have they been lingering for almost a century, they seem to have taken on a life of their own. Most of the myths about THC are simply regurgitated by those old traditionalists from the 1930s and like the gossip game, have gotten bigger and wilder over the years.

The following logic is going to trump that old propaganda and finally open your eyes to the real facts concerning THC in marijuana:

1. People Have Overdosed on THC

One of the popular myths about THC is that there are countless teenagers who have overdosed and died from eating pot filled brownies. Let us talk about the brownies and marijuana first, because this is the core of the myth.

Back before anyone knew anything about THC, kids thought they could get a buzz by stuffing weed into the brownies, but nothing happened because weed does not release THC unless it is heated to a certain temperature.

The stories about people dying from overdoses are greatly exaggerated, in fact, there is not a single case documented that shows a person died from consuming too much THC. The THC can not cause the body to shut down, regardless how much you consume. The stories of kids dying from eating bags of weed were greatly exaggerated.

2. The Loss of Your Memory

The old-timers talk about how they no longer can remember certain things due to the fact they smoked weed and the THC eroded their memories. They tell tall-tales about kissing all of their memories goodbye, and now have to rely on the stories of close family to remind them of events in their past.

This seems like a great scare tactic on the surface, but it has zero basis in reality. In fact, the THC barely affects short term memory that the brain doesn’t even classify as relevant or important. What those old timers apparently forgot to mention was that as we age, diseases can strip away the memories of childhood over time, it has nothing to do with the amount of weed that was smoked.

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Even if you decide to start smoking weed in your later years, it will not have an effect on your awesome childhood memories.

3. Leap to More Dangerous Drugs

One of the ways that many people back in the day got kids to steer clear of marijuana was to embed into their brains the idea that the THC in weed acts like a precursor to more addictive drugs. These old dinosaurs told stories to their kids about how their friends were normal at first, but after smoking weed they moved on to heroin, cocaine, and PCP.

The marijuana acted like a stepping stone and opened the brain to dangerous drugs, and once they headed down this dangerous path they were unable to stop their pattern of destructive behavior. As compelling as this story is, and it did work to keep many kids from doing any drugs at all, it has zero basis in reality and has in fact been disproved year after year.

In fact, in recent years as the public is becoming more informed about the positive benefits of THC in weed, the shift has been towards blaming alcohol and tobacco for that jump to more dangerous drugs. Many people suffering from drug addictions were able to come clean with the help of the effects of the THC in weed, despite what the news told the public.

4. Dumbing Down of America

As recent as the last decade, weed still gets blamed for the fact kids in America have lower IQ numbers. This drop in IQ gets its basis in reality from stories created around the 1930s that says children who smoked weed went on to have lower testing grades, lower paying jobs, or no lobs at all.

The drop in IQ was attributed to the connection of smoking weed and the THC within. Each time a person smoked weed, they were told numerous brain cells were literally going up in smoke. While this makes for good tales and for great movie subject matter like the characters Cheech and Chong, no studies were ever able to link the THC to a drop in IQ.

Studies today show that regardless a person’s age, the THC in the cannabis has a negligible effect on their IQ throughout their life. Looks like of all the myths about THC that still scares kids, this one really is nothing to be worried about at all.

5. THC Has Zero Medical Benefits

When it comes to myths about THC, this one stands alone as king of the mountain. This myth has been responsible for the delay in millions of patients getting help for ailments and diseases they suffer with, and finally the country is waking up.

One only needs to look around to see each year another state approves the legalization of medical marijuana, and this is due greatly in part to the fact that medical professionals are touting all the healing properties associated with the THC in weed.

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This ignorant and widespread myth is the one that many activists cling to when they want to keep their sheep aligned with their own agendas. Even big pharmaceutical companies helped spread the rumors because they stood to lose billions each year if the public became informed about the healing properties of THC.

Just like how the telephone line game worked in school, you start with one little rumor and before you know it, the entire school is talking about it like it is written in stone. The problem for THC and marijuana, those activists against weed have been spinning these tales for almost a full one hundred years, so it takes time to wake the general population from their slumber.

Each new state that opens theirs arms to the idea of utilizing medical marijuana to help people tears apart these myths that have been spreading out of control like wildfire for decades.

The list of patients around the world who have seen incredible healing benefits from the THC are growing, and their voices are making it easier for the average person to finally tell the truth from these myths about THC.


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