How to Roll a Joint Video

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Expert Joints

The Best How to Roll a Joint Video Ever?

Expert Joints is a service provider. It is our intent to offer rolling related advice and assistance only. We do not sell, distribute or provide marijuana, nor can we formally recommend the usage there of. Please consult your medical practitioner, and obey your local regulations regarding marijuana.

Since our inception, EXPERT JOINTS has provided the best quality rolling related videos and information possible. During this time, we’ve had the privilege to reach tens of thousands of people; but our work has just begun. It brings us great pleasure to offer our years of experience to aid those in need of a well put together joint through our features, but our new EXPERT ASSISTANCE service takes it to another level!

There’s nothing like smoking a beautiful looking, and burning joint. Sadly, too many people have yet to master the ability to roll. Poorly constructed joints fail to maximize return and waste valuable marijuana. That’s where we come in. With several different options available to suit your needs, we can offer you EXPERT ASSISTANCE directly!

Give your fingers a rest and let a Joint Expert roll your weed for you! If you are in the Greater Vancouver area, we now have several convenient locations available for you to meet with an Expert, to twist your tweeds on site. Bring your preferred papers as well, or we’ll handle the whole shebang. Pinners, fatties, 1¼’s, kings or blunts – just a handful, or a big fat bag, our Experts can tailor to suit.

Or, you can learn from one of the best rollers around! A Joint Expert will teach you the proper techniques to produce your own well put together joints. In-person lessons are available for those in the Greater Vancouver area at a number of locations. You can also host an Expert Event, so your friends can get in on the good times too. Can’t make it to see us? That’s ok because live one-on-one lessons are also available online too! Either program is easily tailored to your individual needs and offers HIGH quality service.

“No job is too big, no fee is too big”, so don’t hesitate to holler at us even if you live outside our current operating area. Our rapidly expanding network of Joint Experts is ever growing. To book your appointment or lesson, or get more information, message us here and we’ll have an Expert get in touch with you shortly.

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This site has taught me what marijuana can do. It has got me so fucking high. Thanks for the rolling tips, they really work!
I came across this site by mistake, lol, looking for a good brownie recipe. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! You are now my personal HERO!!!!
I absolutely adore this pot etiquette site. As a college student getting high is a regular part of life. Because of your advice I am now able to eat a brownie before class, and comprehend the material better. Thanxs for an awesome fuckin site.