All About Dabs

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Dabs, are a concentrated form of cannabis extract. Smoking concentrates is quickly becoming more popular due to the strong effects it can give.

Dabbing can be complicated to beginners because of the tools required to smoke it. Here we will break down the different types of concentrates and the most popular ways to smoke them.


Concentrates can be hard, sticky, crumbly, opaque, and clear. This all depends on how the chemist extracted the THC. There are five different types of concentrates.


Shatter is a hard candy like concentrate that breaks into many pieces when dropped. Shatter is thought to be the purest of the concentrates.


Crumble has a dry consistency easily breaking down into smaller pieces.


Budder has a smooth consistency and can be created from heating and whipping shatter.


Wax is sticky and a messy concentrate to work with.


Oil is just like it sounds a runny oil that comes in syringe for easy use.


Smoking dabs is a little more complicated than smoking weed because of all the extra tools required. A dab rig setup involves a bong or bubbler, a nail, and a heat source. A nail fits onto your bong or bubbler and is made from quartz or titanium because they are able to withstand high temperatures.

Setup your dab rig on a stable surface while you prepare your dab on your dabber tool. Be careful when smoking dabs because the intense high can be overwhelming.

Step 1: Turn your E-nail or torch on to heat the nail. Most people will heat the nail until it is red hot, then wait a few seconds for it to cool to the perfect temperature. Remember to turn off the torch and not to touch the hot nail.

Step 2: Once your nail is hot put the dome over the nail unless you are using a domeless nail.

Step 3: Use your dabbing tool to apply your concentrates to the heated nail, while slowly inhaling. Move the concentrates around the nail to vaporize all of the concentrates.

When choosing a dab rig the smaller and less percolators the better. Try your friends dab rigs to see what style you like best. Invest in a quality dab rig and as you get more experience you can add on things like an E-nail or quartz bangers. If you’re looking for quality brands be sure to check out, Medicali, Grav Labs, and Purr.


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