Vapers Tongue

Friday, April 29th, 2016

vape tongue

Tips For Combating Vapers Tongue

If you’re a long time vaper, then chances are at some point you’ll have been using your e-cigarette and realized that you either can’t taste anything or your tongue’s gone a bit numb. After the confusion and shock has worn off, you’ll have no doubt quickly googled ‘vaper tongue numb’ and with any luck it will have led you here. First things first, it’s not permanent and so you can cease panicking, but maybe hold off on vaping your e-cig until you’ve finished this article and we’ve filled in the blanks.

So, What IS Vapers Tongue?

Vapers Tongue covers a range of experiences you may go through with your e-cig – from going off your once-favorite flavor to being unable to taste food to the aforementioned numbness. While the good news is that the experience is temporary and your tongue will return to normal, there are a variety of potential causes.

The Potential Causes Of Vapers Tongue

We’ve identified a few potential reasons why vapers tongue might occur – some biological, some flavor-related – so if any one of these rings a bell then you’ve got your reason and a way to combat it.

Continually Vaping The Same Flavour

Variety is the spice of life, but if you found a love for cherry flavored e-liquid when you first started vaping and have never looked back that might be the root cause. Your tongue gets used to flavors and your taste buds could be fatigued from continually being exposed to the same thing over and over.

Solution: Give another e-liquid flavor a go for a couple of weeks – if you don’t like it as much, enough time should have passed for your tongue to recognize your old e-liquid again. Vape Superstore have a ton of e-liquids for sale in a variety of flavors, mg’s and sizes to suit all kinds of tastes.

Dehydration And Dryness

Believe it or not but if you’re dehydrated it can have an adverse effect on your taste buds. Mix a dry mouth into this and a lack of saliva and it can lead to a complete loss of taste.

Solution: Drinking water clears the palette and re-hydrates you so this simple step could be key. Sip on water through the day and see if this helps.

Medicine You’re Taking

There are a large variety of medicines that can temporarily cause a loss of taste, and it always helps to check the instructions on any medication you’re taking to see if this is the case.

Solution: Consult with your doctor if you feel your medicine is having an adverse effect or simply wait out your medication and see if it changes again.

Your E-cig

If your e-liquid has been in there for a while, you may find that the flavor has degraded over time which can lead to an odd taste. On top of this, it could be that you’ve not been cleaning your atomizer out routinely enough so disassemble your e-cig and give it a good clean out with some cotton buds.

Solution: Give your e-cig a thorough clean and switch your e-liquid for a fresh one.

With any luck, by analyzing your personal circumstances with the info above you’ll be able to see what’s causing your vapers tongue and how you can get around this issue. And no, Pugsley the dog doesn’t vape.

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