Why Use a Gravity Bong

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


Gravity bongs are one of the greatest ways you can smoke your cannabis herb in my opinion. They use gravity to pull smoke into the device. This way you can use your full breath to suck smoke directly from the bong. And plus there are many other advantages over other smoking devices which I will cover in today’s article. Not to mention, everybody will admit that smoking from a gravity bong gets you very stoned if done right.


  1. They get you really baked (smoke gets really deep in your lungs)

You’ll rarely need more than 2-3 gravity bong hits to get maxed out. This is my favorite part of gravity bongs. For those times when you just want to get really high really fast.

  1. Easy to take in large amounts of smoke

All the smoke gets heavily concentrated into the bottle and if used properly will go down very smooth.

  1. Easy to make

Extremely simple to make, just melt a hole in the cap for the bowl and put 2-3 holes in the bottom of the bottle. Then submerge the bottle in water and pull it out while lighting the bowl!

  1. Cost nothing if you have the right materials

Gravity bongs are literally free to make if you have a Gatorade bottle, bong bowl/socket, lighter, water bucket, and weed.

  1. They save you weed

This may not be true for everyone. But for those that smoke joints or blunts every day, please give this a try. I’d love to see you try to rip a whole joint worth of bud in gravity bong hits.


  1. You can burn a whole bowl in one hit

That one hit will get you massively baked but yeah, it’s a lot of weed to rip, luckily you won’t need to pack to many to get at peak baked.

  1. Your gonna cough if you’re not experienced

If you’ve ever smoked out of a gravity bong you’ll know that the smoke really shoots deep into your lungs giving you the instinct to cough. Learn to ignore it to save yourself from choking on the smoke.

  1. Plastic chamber instead of glass

This is what turns off some people from using one. You can always buy a glass one like the gravitron if this is a problem for you.


If you don’t already know how to use one I’ll give you a brief summary.

  1. Make sure the bottle is fully submerged in water
  2. Place on the cap and pack the bowl
  3. Pull the bottle out of the water. This will force water to leak out the holes which will suck air into the bottle from the top.
  4. Light the bowl and the smoke will flow into the bottle while the water escapes.
  5. Take off the cap and suck in the smoke making sure there is still some water at the bottom of the bottle to control the amount of air that gets into the bottle which will make the smoke go down smoother.


(source: “how to make a bong out of a bottle”)


Thanks for reading this article proudly provided by MedicalBong

 So, what is your opinion regarding Gravity Bongs???


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