To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates Review

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Product: To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates

Provided by: The Art of Edibles

Stoner Score: 4 out of 5 pot leaves!


(A Message From the Distributor)

We are proud to be launching our flagship edibles brand, To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates, into the California medical marijuana market. As the sole distributor of this premium edibles brand, we offer direct delivery and in-town pick-ups. We are presently delivering pre-launch orders in the L.A. area, and can also facilitate catering for local private events

FLAVORS. To Whom It May is launching with four fabulous flavors, dressed to impress as unforgettable characters:

Vivienne, sings to us about the wilder side of chocolate with her bon bon full of cherries and cayenne.

Ralph, takes us along on dark chocolate adventures with the help of his house-made hazelnut butter and raw honey truffle.

Myra, gives us the dish on a boozy bon bon that blends the hum of hazelnuts with a boom of brandy and chorus of cocoa.

Zak, shows us how to trifle with a tempting truffle that woos us with its maple-smoked almond butter, coconut and honey.

Enticing, enlivening, and flavorful, these guides remind us that life belongs “to whom it may.”

TIERED DOSING. Conscious of varied cannabis consumption needs, To Whom It May offers the widest range of dosage levels available. Doses begin at 2½mg of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) per piece, and are also available with 5mg, 15mg and 45mg of THC per piece. Strains are primarily hybrid, however, Indica, Sativa and High-CBD strains are on the horizon.

All four flavors are also available THC-free, and can be paired with the THC-infused chocolates for enjoyment of a delicious indulgence without an altered physical state, or intensified high.

Price range: $25/box – $80/box


The “To Whom It May” line of cannabis chocolates are not your run-of-the-mill treats. Each of the 4 chocolates that I enjoyed was very tasty and held up to any fine chocolate you might purchase in a brick and mortar store.

I personally don’t prefer to medicate with edibles, so I had non-medicated versions of each sent to me for this review. However, they have medicated versions ranging from 2.5 to 45 mg to meet the needs of all who purchase their products. My guess would be that the 45 mg versions would taste drastically different, but that anybody who partakes in edibles probably has an affinity for the taste of cannabis in any event.


BUD SAYS: IMO, these cannabis chocolates are best suited for gifts as they are beautifully packaged from box to chocolate.

Toke to ya soon,

Bud S. Moker, Th.C.


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