Vaporizers: Desktop or Portable?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015



Written by: Patrick Thompson of OpenStrain


If you are in the market for a vaporizer you will come to a fork in your decision-making road. You will be forced to choose between buying either a portable vaporizer or buying a desktop vaporizer. In a perfect world (and with sufficient funds) you can buy both. But for those of us balling on a budget it’s either one or the other. So which is the better buy? Well… they both have their ups and downs so lets take a look!

First we’ll take a look at portable vaporizers. A few big names in portable vaporizing are Pax, Magic Flight, and Davinci. Most manufacturers have a stealth factor in mind when designing their product. Hence Most Portable vaporizers are relatively small, usually fitting in the palm of ones hand. The small size of portable vapes is a plus because you can take them with you anywhere without it being conspicuous.

Instead of sparking your joint in public and causing a scene, you can discretely remove your vape from your pocket and take a couple puffs in public while those around you are completely unaware of what you are doing. In addition portable vaporizers generally do not produce as strong of an odor as combusting cannabis does which makes public endeavors that much easier.

Unfortunately Portable vaporizers rely on a battery to keep them powered. Once the battery dies you are out of luck. Most Vaporizers need to be plugged in to recharge. If you are out in public enjoying your vape and the battery dies, odds are you will not have a chance to locate an outlet and wait for your unit to recharge. If your vape relies on external batteries it’s always a good idea to bring an additional battery along for your session. If your vape has an internal battery always make sure to have a full charge before leaving the house!

On the other hand you do not need to worry about desktop vaporizers dying because they require an external power source. Unfortunately this limits their portability to the length of the units’ power cord. Even though desktop vaporizers do not have the stealth and transportation benefit that comes along with owning a portable vaporizer, they have features like additional temperature settings, which makes it easy for users to set and experiment with temperature settings opposed to being stuck on one temperature setting all the time, as is the case for some portable vaporizers. Now when your herb is slightly cooked in the middle of your session, you can crank up the temperature to a higher setting to get a few more cannabinoids out of your herb.

Vapor production is another aspect where portable vaporizers are inferior to desktop vaporizers. Desktop vapes tend to produce more vapor than portable vaporizers. When using a desktop vaporizer you will notice a significant increase in vapor quality and the amount of vapor produced.

If you are looking for a harder hitting piece that doesn’t leave the house very much a desktop vape may be the way to go. If you are trying to have a stealthy piece that you plan to take everywhere with you then a portable vaporizer is probably right for you.

In the end it’s just a matter of personal preference; one of those vapes is better for your needs than the other. Price should not be a factor, you will find that there are expensive portable vaporizers and inexpensive desktop vaporizers and vice versa. Either way you will be able to find a vaporizer that is perfect for your needs that falls within your budget.

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